“How do I Count People Traffic
AND Add Real Value to My Business?"


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AccurateOne People Counter

This product comes with an unconditional 60 day money back Guarantee
and a 3-Year Product Warranty.

If the Accurate One People Counter doesn’t live up to your expectations, if you are not totally impressed with it – don’t hesitate – send it back to us and we will refund the purchase price.

Get an accurate count of foot traffic into your store. The Accurate One People Counter setup at your doorway counts customer traffic for you. Knowing your People Traffic Totals tells you your actual business potential. Your sales opportunities for that day.

With this Count YOU can Create a More Effective Business Strategy!

Compare this People Traffic Totals with the number of sales, your turnover, your sales staff hours and advertising costs. Calculate these ratios and use them to create a more effective business strategy.

A Simple and Effective way to Count People Traffic.

The AccurateOne People Counter setup at your doorway counts people as they enter and leave. At the end of the day you divide the total on the counter by 2 and you get your people count.

The AccurateOne suits counting visitors or customers to retail shops, libraries, visitor information centers, Museums, Art-Galleries and Tourist attractions.

The AccurateOne comprises a Photo Electric Sensor and Counter Module on a single Black mounting bracket with a Power Adapter to suit USA power outlets. The sensor is positioned looking across at its Reflector.

The unit can span up to a distance of 17 feet (5 metres).

The AccurateOne is the result of 10 years of experience in supplying and installing People Counters.


Total-Count Accurate One People Counter  $227

And this includes Shipping to anywhere in the US or Canada!

SENSOR IMAGE -- TC-Accurate One -- 4 digit -- 2016

Easy To Install – Robust – Simple To Operate

7 reasons to buy The Accurate One People Counter

1.The Sensor and Counter Module are on a single mounting bracket. The unit is simple to install with only 2 screws or even double-sided tape.

2. The bracket is slightly larger than the sensor and counter module so that if the unit is   bumped accidentally, even in a hard fashion, the sensor and counter are protected and   they won’t get damaged and the sensor won’t be moved out of alignment with the reflector.

3. You have flexibility in mounting the system as the Sensor can be bolted onto the bracket either looking to the front or to either side.

4. The Sensor can cover an entrance of up to 17 feet. Suiting most shop entrances.

5. The attractive Matt Black color and totally silent operation make it ideal for a shop environment.

6. Reset the Count to Zero using a Magnet applied externally to the right of the LCD – two Magnets are included in the pack.

7. The unit is quite small so it can be discreetly setup at the entrance to your shop.

Take this step now to improving the profitablilty of your business.


Standard Shipping – US$227.00

Express Courier – US$241.00

Why this is such a good offer!

1. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
2. 3-Year Product Warranty
3. Price Includes Freight
4. Limited Time Special Discounted Price
5. Power Adapter to Suit your Power Outlet
6. Bonus: Customer Traffic Analysis Forms


For The United States and Canada You can expect delivery in 5 to 12 working days from placing your order.

Take this step now to improving the profitablilty of your business

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Standard Shipping – US$227.00

Express Courier – US$241.00

TC Accurate One People Counter

In the pack you get everything you need to setup the unit.

There is detailed Instruction Sheet in the Pack. It really is as simple as plugging the Supplied AC DC Power Adapter into a power outlet and pointing the Sensor at its Reflector.

It is ready to count.

Photo Electric Sensor with Total-Count Counter Module

Sensor: Operating range to Reflector – up to 17 feet

Finish – Matt Black

Size – 0.71 x 2.00 x 2.00 inch.

Light Source – Infrared LED

Counter Module: 4 digit Liquid Crystal Display

Low power CMOS circuitry

Digit height – 5/16 inch

Size – 0.90 x 1.50 x 2.13 inch

Finish – Matt Black

Black Mounting Bracket

For the Sensor and Counter Module.

Matt Black finish

Sensor can point to Front or Either Side

Also Included in Kit:

DC Power Adapter – to US Standards.

Reflector – 1.60 X 2.38 inch

Reflector Bracket

Two Reset Magnets


Instruction Sheet

Are YOU ready to TotalCount To Measure

P.S. And Here is another GUARANTEE!

“If you do have sales staff I will guarantee that installing one of our people counters will pay for itself many times over – in no time at all. The simple fact that you are taking a count of the people traffic and your sales staffs know it! It will spur them on to make the most of every potential customer that comes in.”
Greg Tate, Total-Count.

“A Great Cost Effective way to find out how many People are coming through the door.”

Contact us at sales@total-count.com

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